Baldwin Motion Camaro - 1970


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The original owner a mailman from the Bronx New York ordered this Baldwin Motion Phase Three Camaro with the 454 cubic inch LS-6 Motion motor on April 11, 1970 after a close friend who was a customer of Joel Rosen's had recently purchased a 1969 Baldwin Motion Phase Three Corvette. The 454 cubic inch Phase Three Camaro was delivered in August 1970 and the original owner receieved a ride to pick up his Camaro in his friends 69 Motion Phase three Vette. His 454 Phase three Camaro set the mailman back over 6000 dollars. The original owner kept the Camaro until 1988 when he sold it to his Motion Corvette friend who had convinced him to buy the Camaro back in 1970. The original owner and second owner kept the Camaro in original survivor condition.

The second owner kept the car until April 22,1992 when Joel Rosen, Mr. Motion himself bought the car back for his son and their personal collection with 42,000 miles on it. In the summer of 1992 Joel's son put 7000 hard miles on it causing Joel to decide to restore it at 49,000 miles. We were recently able to track down photo's of Joel Rosen standing next to the Baldwin Motion Camaro he sold in August 1970 while the car is still in original unrestored condition in the summer of 1992. The photo's were actually taken in front of Motion performance. Check out the last three pictures at the bottom of this thread of Joel and the car.

Joel Rosen kept the car until April 8, 1996 when Mark Timken a Doctor from Florida bought the car and began the most meticulous and authentic restoration of any Baldwin Motion Phase three car ever built. Mark retained Scott Tiemann, North America's premier GM restoration guru closely supervised by Joel Rosen to complete the restoration. Together they were able to restore this Baldwin Camaro with all original NOS and authentic Phase three Motion speed parts. This rare beast still even has its original 454-ci LS-6 engine installed at Motion in 1970 as verified by Joel Rosen and the stamp he imparted on the block in 1970.

This amazing Camaro was brought to our attention by noted collector/author Colin Comer who with the help of Scott Tiemann was able to purchase the car from Doctor Timken in March of 2008 on our behalf. All the previous owners including the original owner are alive and well for what is one of the most documented and authentic original Baldwin Motion Camaro in the world. Paper documentation includes a copy of the original Baldwin Motion sales contract and work order as well as a letter from Joel Rosen authenticating the car and bills of sale and titles from prior owners.

Most recently it was chosen to grace the cover of the 27th annual fall Chevy Vettefest show guide and was judged and awarded a prestigious Gold Spinner award.

Never going to be for sale.



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