Hemi Challenger 4 speed - 1970


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Purchased new in November 1970 at Menlove Dodge Toyota in Bountiful Utah which is still in business and still has employee's who remember this HEMI car by a young 19 year old man fresh from finishing his LDS Mormon church mission.

The original owner bought his Challenger right off the lot and bought it for a purpose, which was to go fast. Unfortunately he lived in a small town with a police force who didn't appreciate his HEMI as much as he did and they wrote him a boat load of speeding tickets every chance they could. By 1973 the original owner couldn't afford the speeding tickets and subsequent rise in his insurance rates and he had also married and began to start a family so he sold his HEMI with about 30,000 miles on it to another resident of the same town who raced it once at the Bonneville salt flats and then parked it until 1982. The second owner sold it to another Bountiful Utah resident who kept it only for one year and then sold it to a Salt Lake City collector who kept it from 1983 until May of 2005 where it came to the attention of noted collector and author Colin Comer of Milwaukee who purchased it in May of 2005 and sold it to us in August of 2005.It now has 48,000 miles and has had one repaint where it was stripped to the bare metal and and given an undercarriage detail but is otherwise unrestored. Every single inch of the sheet metal is original and has never been damaged. Due to scratches and dings one of the previous owners repainted both quarters many years ago and much of the interior was replaced over the years as it wore out but we still have all the original interior upholstery.

When we purchased the HEMI it was a true "tweener" in other words in between a survivor and freshened up. The fith owner had touched up the undercarriage slightly and had Dick Landy re build the motor. We kept it for a few years then made the tough call to strip it to bare metal and repaint it to make it look as good as it runs. After stripping away the a paint underneath we found a completely unblemished body with the exception of one small parking lot ding that had some filler put on it years ago.

It is truly an extraordinary muscle car. The original owner is alive and well and methodically checks up on his old car to make sure it is treated right. Evey inch of the sheet metal is original as is the engine and drive train. The vinyl top is original and in good shape with the exception of one small blemish caused by the original owner by a spray wand at a self serve car wash many years ago. It has a verfied owner history from new with absolutely no gaps. Two broadcast original sheets. Original fender tag. Original door VIN decal found on the backside of the drivers door both door jams and inside of the deck lid were left untouched when we repainted the car. Original tire label mounted on the door jamb. Original jacking instructions sticker on the inside of the deck lid was left untouched. Old Utah registration receipts going back over thirty years. It is registered in the Chrysler registry. Old photos going back to the original owner.

Check out the photo of the original owner and his wife on the bottom of this page with their old HEMI taken in March of 2011 in Las Vegas as they made sure their old HEMI is being respected properly. It was physically inspected by Galen Govier prior to purchase when Colin Comer had him fly out to inspect the car. While in Utah Galen visited the original selling dealership and found people who still recall the old HEMI. It still has it's original Dana 4.10 rear diff. and is One of 287 HEMI Challengers built in 1970, of which only 137 were 4-speeds. Galen believes it is one of two HEMI Challengers with a red body, white vinyl top and red bumble stripe.

One of the most interesting historical aspects of this HEMI Challenger is that the fourth owner who had owned the car for 23 years had the motor rebuilt by none other than "Dandy" Dick Landy in 1996. For those of you too young to remember Dick Landy he was a factory sponsored Mopar racer since 1962 where he set 4 NHRA class records that year. By 1964 he was racing one of the first funny cars. In 1965 Dick Landy was racing HEMI motors and was the first drag racer in NHRA history to exceed 140 MPH in a stock body racing car where he was able to coax his 2700 pound stock bodied Coronet funny car in 1965 to run a 10.2 quarter mile. He was also a fully factory sponsored racer by Chrysler in 1965 and was able to run 9.40 second passes at 164 MPH while match racing. By 1968 Dick was racing the new styled HEMI Charger in the new AHRA super stock category. His 426 HEMI ran the stock Carter dual AFB four-barrels with an Isky cam, headers and a stock sure grip 4.88 rear differential hooked up to slicks. That Charger turned a 10.86 at 127 MPH. Not bad for a 3550 pound car with headers and a cam! By 1970 Dick was racing a 1970 HEMI Challenger in the pro stock class which was able to dip into the high nines good enough to win the 1970 pro stock title at the 1970 summernationals. NHRA rules in 1970 mandated the Challenger have it's stock wheelbase and stock body panels. Dandy Dick was the world points champion in the AHRA in 1973. Dick has also been inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame and the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame

Needless to say the fourth owner chose the right guy to re build his factory original HEMI in "Dandy" Dick Landy! Dick never met a HEMI motor he couldn't massage and this motor was no exception. Dick Landy created a 570 HP 580 ft/lbs. of torque motor that runs on pump gas! Dick was having so much fun re building this motor that he invited Mopar Muscle magazine to chronicle the engine build up from start to finish and provided the fourth owner with a signed letter saying how much fun he had re building the motor.

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